Book review- “Unfolding a beautiful life” by Mayank Krishna

Recently I read a book – “Unfolding a beautiful life”. This book is written by Mayank Krishna and gifted to me by Sandeep Krishna. Sandeep is government official. Sandeep who is also a mobile blogger adviced me to read this book. I am a writer myself. I’m intrigued by life and the mysterious roller coaster ride it has to offer each one of us. I love reading and writing about life experiences. I loved the title of the book. It grabbed my attention the moment I saw it. I’m enthralled to write this review.
This book is written in an interesting and systematic way. Every chapter starts with a catchy quote. The language of the book is simple, lucid and interesting. In today’s fast world, material things seem to have become the most important aspect of life. However, in reality we are craving for healthy relationships. This book speaks about the beauty of relationships specially that of father-child bond. A parent-child relationship is one of the most special bonds in the world. It nurtures the emotional, physical, and social development of the child. I loved chapter 24 in particular. This chapter talks about how a father explains the method of achieving goals to his son in a very casual talk while having a morning walk. l advise everyone to read this meaningful and interesting book.
The publisher of the book is White Falcon. . You can order the book on Amazon too.

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