Stay happy, healthy and safe – 60

  • This world is like a mountain.
    Your echo depends on you.
    If you scream good things,
    the world will give it back.
    If you scream bad things,
    the world will give it back.
    Even if someone says badly about you,
    speak well about him.
    Change your heart to change the world.


– Shams Tabrizi

Image Courtesy- Lily Sahay

10 thoughts on “Stay happy, healthy and safe – 60

  1. How true. The German classic author Friedrich Schiller expressed a similar thought in one his tragedies: “Das ist der Fluch der bösen Tat, dass sie fortwährend Böses muss gebären”. Evil doings will result in more evil. So it is better to do good things to receive a good echo.

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