11 thoughts on “Stay happy, healthy and safe – 46

  1. “A lifetime without love is of no account”? Really? Why not? There are many famous scientists, artists, politicians etc., whose lifetime is of account for what they achieved, not because of “love”. And Rumi is famous himself because of his marvellous poetry that survived the ages. It happens to be about the topic of love, but he could have written about other topics as well. I think, he is a bit too sentimental (for my taste), he is such a hopeless illusionist about love. Or was this just an artificial attitude, a pose?

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    1. thanks for sharing your valuable views dear.
      Actually, Rumi talks about spiritual love in his poems.
      I believe, love is not only loving lover or human being. Loving your work, hobby, duty, family , humanity are also form of love.

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  2. Yes, true! In this sense I can understand Rumi a lot better. Only “physical love” or “erotic love” does not cover all aspects of love. Spiritual love lasts a lot longer, it probably lasts a whole lifetime, and so does love of family and humanity. We never fall out of love with them.

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  3. I am fascinated by Rumi and want to learn more about him. We do not hear much or read much about him in the West. Maybe that’s because he is-was a Persian poet, born in Afghanistan? In Europe (and the US, I guess) there is a strong anti-current against these countries’ literature, arts, philosophy, religions. There is too little appreciation.

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    1. You are absolutely right. Rumi was a Sufi saint. I love his spiritual thoughts.
      For me religion is a way of life and is learned from family and society. Spirituality is a broad concept .Spirituality is harmony with the universe , humanity and all living things.

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