Stay happy, healthy and safe- 126!

#LockDownDay – 118

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Be the living expression of God’s kindness;

kindness in your face,

kindness in your eyes,

kindness in your smile




Mother Teresa

Stay Happy, Healthy and Safe – 41


The universe is a complete unique entity. Everything and everyone is bound together with some invisible strings. Do not break heart; do not look down on weaker than you. One’s sorrow at the other side of the world can make the entire world suffer; one’s happiness can make the entire world smile.

– Shams Tabrizi

Happy World Laughter Day 2020

World Laughter Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May every year to spread happiness in the whole world. This year the World Laughter Day will be observed on May 3, 2020.

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.

एक मुस्कुराहट सब कुछ सही कर देती है.

 ~ Phyllis Diller फ़िलिस डिलर


खुशियाँ अौर मुस्कान #HappinessSmiles

Probably the biggest insight… is that happiness is not just a place but also a process. …Happiness is an ongoing process of fresh challenges, and… it takes the right attitudes and activities to continue to be happy. – Ed Diener

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Indispire Topic , Edition – 259. How happy are you? Do you look for reasons to be happy? Are smiles linked with happiness?

आज हर जगह चल रही है खुशियों की खोज।

कुछ बाहर खोज रहे हैं ,

कुछ दूसरों के पास खोज रहे हैं।

दिल्ली सरकार, हार्वर्ड यूनिवर्सिटी, कई विश्वविद्यालय

साइंस ऑफ हैप्पीनेस – खुशियों का विज्ञान पढ़ा रहे हैं।

शायद लोग खुशियां ढूंढ लें !!!!

अक्सर हम भूल जाते हैं कि खुशियां हमारे अंदर मिलेंगी,

हमारे दिलों की धड़कनों के साथ।

हमारी भी, अौरों की तरह कोशिश जारी है प्रसन्नता पाने की।

मुस्कान का क्या है ?

फेशबुक की हर तस्वीर मुस्कुराती है।

हम आँखों के आँसू छुपातें हैं, कई बार मुस्कान के पीछे ।

रोती आँखों से मुस्कुराते हैं कई बार।

मुस्कुराहट और खुशी हमेशा साथ हों यह जरूरी नहीं है ,

खुशियाँ के साथ स्मित हो, यह सोने पर सुहागा है।

लेकिन मुस्कुराकर खुशियाँ हासिल नहीं होतीं ।

हाँ, खुशियों से मुस्कुराहट जरूर आ जाती है चेहरे पर।

* Delhi schools roll out ‘happiness classes’ to beat stress

* Positive Psychology 1504: Harvard’s Groundbreaking Course

* The Science of Happiness – The first MOOC to teach positive psychology. Learn science-based principles and practices for a happy, meaningful life. Berkeley University

मुस्कान Curvy cupid smile

Curvy Cupid smile of your  lips

may straighten up many problems of your life……..

होठों पर छाई तीरछी

मुस्कान भरी रेखा

जीवन की ना जाने

कितनी कठिनाइयों – परेशानियों

को सुलझा कर

सीधा कर  सकती हैं।

Keep smiling

Life is beautiful

Smiling, anger and clumsiness etc. Why do those expressions change our facial expression often? Are they due to changes in our body? These expressions are like changing colors of a flower, on our face.

These facial expressions are a projection of our inner attitudes or states of mind. They are just a medium, through which we show others what we are thinking of or what we feel.

Mostly people read each other’s mind through their facial expression. So like a book in which we put our thoughts in words, so are our facial expressions.

Biologically, if we keep a habit of smiling it will keep our face looking young. The more we feel stress depression or other negative emotions, the more wrinkles will appear on our face.

In conclusion, as facial expressions are a medium of our attitudes, keeping a cute smile on our face is ethically and biologically important…

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Now give yourself

                     a smile.

                               What is

                                   the worth of a diamond,

                                             if it doesn’t smile.


                                                    ~ Rumi ~ 💜