25 thoughts on “Stay happy, healthy and safe – 53

  1. Dear Rekha, I do not appreciate the Dalai Lama at all because he works for the US secret services. It is easy to be “happy” when you receive US dollars for destabilization work in Tibet. This is what I read about him:

    “In the 1960s, the CIA paid the Dalai Lama $ 180,000, reports the Los Angeles Times, citing secret documents defeclassified by the State Department. The Tibetan movement in exile received payments from US intelligence services annually as part of their effort to destabilize communist regimes in the midst of the Cold War. The CIA, which also trained Tibetan guerrillas in Nepal and Colorado (USA), had long refused to disclose its operations in Tibet, but the Dalai Lama himself admitted in his autobiography, “Liberty in Exile”, that his brothers had contacted the CIA in 1956, before the aborted revolt of 1959 against Beijing … “

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    1. Hi Olivia,
      Sorry for hurting your feelings and thanks for sharing these information.

      I select my quotes given by great souls without any premonitions guided by political view points, borders or religion. I believe in dohe/ couplet by mystic poet and Sufi Saint Kabir –

      साधु ऐसा चाहिए, जैसा सूप सुभाय, सार-सार को गहि रहै, थोथा देई उड़ाय।
      अर्थ : इस संसार में ऐसे सज्जनों की जरूरत है जो अनाज साफ़ करने वाला सूप जैसे होतें हैं.
      जो सार्थक को बचा लें और निरर्थक को उड़ा देंगे.
      English meaning – Saints/ wise people are like a winnowing fan,
      They keep the grain and let the chaff float away.

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  2. Very true!

    The source of happiness is inside us. We need to bring it out and express it.

    After all, everythong is about making choice.
    We choose to be happy or unhappy.


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  3. Dear Rekha, you did not hurt my feelings at all. Everybody is entitled to his or her own opinions. As a political journalist I am used to political discussions. I like to have these discussions in a peaceful and polite way.Just like you, I like spiritual leaders and their wisdom. I just happen to dislike the Dalai Lama for the reasons I named in my previous post: He is a CIA man. I do not trust the CIA.

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