Stay happy, healthy and safe –- 51

Yesterday is but a dream,

Tomorrow is only a vision. 

But today

well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness,

and every tomorrow a vision of hope.



― Kālidāsa, The complete works of Kalidasa

Kālidāsa –  Classical Sanskrit writer, regarded as the greatest poet and dramatist in the Sanskrit language, based on the Vedas, the Ramayana, the Mahabharata and the Puranas.

20 thoughts on “Stay happy, healthy and safe –- 51

      1. I did and the person I nominated was thrilled; that was the best idea ever. dhanyavaad🤗🤗


  1. Thank you for this very interesting quote of the Sanskrit writer. I live a lot in the past and in the future as well, when I write my articles. They mostly involve historical aspects of the theme I write about, and at the end I like to give an outlook into the future.

    I appreciate Eastern philosophy though, as I notice that my upbringing and way of thinking is quite different. I want to learn about new things … I find Indian philosophy fascinating.

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    1. Imagining past and future for creativity is not a problem. It’s a problem If it affects our present moment in a negative way. Because very soon this present moment will turn into past….as a negative/sad past.
      Thanks for liking it Olivia.

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  2. I have a riddle for you,Rekha: Is the spoken or written word part of the past or of the future?


    “A word is dead
    When it is said,
    Some say.
    I say it just begins
    To live that day …”

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