Stay alive forever!

You think you are alive
because you breathe air?
Shame on you,
that you are alive in such a limited way.
Don’t be without Love,
so you won’t feel dead.
Die in Love
and stay alive forever.



21 thoughts on “Stay alive forever!

  1. Rumi is right, of course. However, sometimes we just barely survive with a breath of fresh air and healthy lungs. I believe that the harsh times of the coronavirus epidemy might alter our view of “survival” and “life”. What do you think, Rekha.

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    1. Very true Olivia. Life is not just breathing…or eating. We should always try to do things for the mankind and leave forever.
      I agree corona already altered our mind set and thoughts in many ways.

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    1. I completely agree with you, that we are born with free soul.
      In my opinion our society is responsible for making mind sets. we behave in certain pattern set by our society and family.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts dear.

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      1. Cornelia, present world scenario is really bad. It’s a lesson for mankind. We think we are strongest and control everything but this is a warning that there is a supernatural power who is controlling us.

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