Unemployment rate soars to 8.5%, highest in over 3 years

Amid the ongoing slowdown in the economy, the joblessness rate in October rose to the highest since August 2016, the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE)on Friday showed. The unemployment rate is up from 7.2 per cent in September this year, the data also showed. While the urban unemployment rate was recorded at 8.9 per cent, rural rate came at 8.3 per cent, the CMIE data also showed. It comes as the output of eight core industries contracts 5.2 per cent in September from the years. Seven of eight sectors witnessed negative growth, according to official data released on Thursday.

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India among most vulnerable to rising sea levels, says UN chief Guterres

क्या हम सब अपनी नादानियाँ से स्वयं को डुबाने….नष्ट करने की तैयारी नहीं कर रहें हैं?

Antonio Guterres said that the biggest threat to sustainability today in the world is climate change while citing a recent report by a research center that said the level of the oceans is rising much faster than what was forecasted because of climate change.

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दिल और आत्मा का दर्द


दिलों- दिमाग़ को दर्द जमा करने का कचरादान ना बनाओ.

खुल कर जीने के लिए दर्द को बहने देना ज़रूरी है –

बातों में, लेखन में …..

खुल कर हँसने के लिए खुल कर रोना भी ज़रूरी है,

ताकि दिल और आत्मा का दर्द आँसुओं में बह जाए.