you will hear !!!

Make everything

in you an ear.

each atom of your being,

and you will hear

at every moment what

the Source is whispering

to you…

you are -we all are-

the beloved of the beloved,

and in every moment,

in every event of your life ,

the Beloved is whispering

to you exactly what you

need to hear and know.

Who can ever explain

this miracle?

It simply is.

Rumi ❤️

20 thoughts on “you will hear !!!

      1. 😊 मुझे आज के कमेंट से यह बात समझ आई. इसलिए स्पष्ट किया.
        मुझे रूमी, कबीर जैसे संतों की बातें अच्छी लगतीं हैं. इसलिए पोस्ट करती रहती हूँ .


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