Can AI improve access to mental health care? Possibly, Stanford psychologist says — Scientists Talk Funny

Performance Psychology

“Hey Siri, am I depressed?” When I posed this question to my iPhone, Siri’s reply was “I can’t really say, Jennifer.” But someday, software programs like Siri or Alexa may be able to talk to patients about their mental health symptoms to assist human therapists.

To learn more, I spoke with Adam Miner, PsyD, an instructor and co-director of Stanford’s Virtual Reality-Immersive Technology Clinic, who is working to improve conversational AI to recognize and respond to health issues.

What do you do as an AI psychologist?

“AI psychology isn’t a new specialty yet, but I do see it as a growing interdisciplinary need. I work to improve mental health access and quality through safe and effective artificial intelligence. I use methods from social science and computer science to answer questions about AI and vulnerable groups who may benefit or be harmed.”

How did you become interested in this…

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सूरज तो ढलता है हर रोज़ !!

सूरज तो ढलता है रोज़ .

फिर नियत समय पर निकल आता है.

हौसला ऐसा हीं होना चाहिए .

परेशानियाँ आयें,

उन्हें हौसले व हिम्मत के साथ झेल

और मज़बूती से खड़े हो जाए हम

हर दिन हर रोज़, सूरज जैसा.

वह तो ढलता है हर रोज़ …..

और एक नया सवेरा ले कर आता है.

कविता की अंतिम पंक्ति ब्लोगर गिरिजा के कमेंट से प्रेरित .

Each new student in Rajasthan’s engineering colleges to plant a tree

Each new student in government engineering colleges of Rajasthan will plant a tree in the campus this academic session and will look after the trees until they graduate.