Religion and spirituality


I believe religion gives us an art of living  and initiates our journey towards spiritualism. Our first brush with our own religion is just like going to schooling and learning many basic things. 

Religion has a strong impact of the life of people, so its easy to teach them right-wrong or good-bad with the help of religion. I am obviously talking purely about religion on its own, not the  hypocritical, political, divisive ways in which it is often used.



Spirituality is deep wisdom (inner voice / inner wisdom)  and might be like getting higher education. Spirituality enables us to respect all religions and all living beings. It provides the wisdom to work for a greater cause and to understand that all religions are path directed to the same universal power. 


Knowing others

                  is wisdom,

                                   knowing yourself

                                                    is Enlightenment.


~~ Lao Tzu


तिमिर गया रवि देखते, कुमति गयी गुरु ज्ञान |

सुमति गयी अति लोभाते, भक्ति गयी अभिमान ||


Darkness disappears

when the sun arises

and ignorance goes away

by the Guru’s wisdom (gyan).

Wisdom is lost because of greed,

and devotion is lost because of ego.

~~ Kabir ❤