शांति और ख़ुशियों की खोज में !

Will Smith has shared a series of new pictures and a video from Haridwar, where he took part in the Ganga aarti.

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आध्यात्मिक योग गुरु भारत  के दर पे

सर टेकने आने वालों की कमी नहीं .

उसके मोल को समझने , सम्मान देने ,

आधी दुनिया की दूरी तय कर आते हैं लोग .

हम, जो यहाँ रहते है ,

उन में कितने सच्चे अर्थों में आध्यात्मिक है ?

Will Smith takes part in Ganga aarti at Haridwar, shares 9 new pics, video. 



Your pain

Your pain

is the breaking

of the shell

that encloses  

your understanding.


~~~Khalil Gibran

Spirituality n Psychology 

Spirituality says –  let it go. 

It is possible for great souls but difficult for a common man.

Psychology says – let it be 

Means accept yourself and everything as they are.

Club the both – 

First  accept every thing as they are

and then let it go.

and it will go gradually


Know mankind well,

don’t degrade every man as evil,

and don’t exalt every man

thinking he is good.

He who cannot discover himself;

cannot discover the world.”


❤  Rumi