Stay happy, healthy and safe – 49

The greater danger for most of us

lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short;

but in setting our aim too low,

and achieving our mark.



20 thoughts on “Stay happy, healthy and safe – 49

  1. I am not so sure about this. My personal experience: when I set my aim too high and never reach it, I get depressed and sad. However, when I set a goal that I can reach within predictable time and with reasonable effort, this motivates me. The secret is to keep setting a new aim, once you have reached the first.Then keep going, step by step … A German Benedictine monk in a famous cloister, where I went for a group retreat, explained to us: “Begrenztes Tun in kleinen Schritten ist das Geheimnis für den Erfolg”. (Limited doing with little steps is the secret of success). This has worked out very well for me.

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