Stay happy, healthy and safe- 116

#LockDownDay – 116

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If you are quiet enough,

you will hear

the flow of the universe.

You will feel its rhythm.

Go with this flow.

Happiness lies ahead.

Meditation is key.




Stay happy, healthy and safe – 61

Oh threats of Hell and Hopes of Paradise!
One thing at least is certain – This Life flies;
One thing is certain and the rest is Lies –
The Flower that once has blown forever dies.


 Omar Khayyam, Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám

Stay happy, healthy and safe – 49

The greater danger for most of us

lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short;

but in setting our aim too low,

and achieving our mark.



Stay happy, healthy and safe – 17

सत्यमेव जयते नानृतं सत्येन पन्था विततो देवयानः।

satyameva jayate nānṛtaṃ satyena panthā vitato devayānaḥ।

Truth alone triumphs, not falsehood.
Through Truth lies Devayâna- the path of gods.

असत्य नहीं,  सत्य हमेशा विजयी होता है।

सत्य देवताओं तक जाने का मार्ग है।

Source – Mundaka, III. i. 6