18 thoughts on “One glance

  1. And while we are waiting for Rumi’s “one glance” or “one gesture”, we might as well have a look at the beauty of nature around us in spring, or read a good book. We need to be pragmatic and save time, he he he ….

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  2. Oh, I see! Then I misunderstood Rumi. I thought he was waiting for a woman’s glance or gesture. Well, he might have to wait a very long time for that, because some women are truly coquettish, even cruel. They like to play “cat and mouse” with men. Of course, God’s love, that is quite a different matter. In God we trust!

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    1. One thing I always noticed that great saints explain almost similar thoughts, even though they are from different religious faith. Rumi is one of them. His verses are deep and meaningful.

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