Stay happy, healthy and safe – 47

Your hand can seize today,

but not tomorrow;

and thoughts of your tomorrow are nothing but desire.

Don’t waste this breath,

if your heart isn’t crazy, since

“the rest of your life” won’t last forever.

― Omar Khayyám, Quatrains – Ballades

11 thoughts on “Stay happy, healthy and safe – 47

  1. “Your hand can seize today, but not tomorrow” — western philosophy is quite different from what Omar Khayyam tells us. Most western philosophers say that you have to live in the present but need to plan for tomorrow. Some plans will work out fine, others won’t. Then you need to readjust your plans. Most millionaires and billionaires would not have gotten very rich without planning meticulously all their present and future dealings. Of course, they very seldom read poetry by Omar Khayyam. They probably prefer to read the “Financial Times”, hehe hehe…

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    1. I loved the way you explained the importance of future. I am sure learning from past and planning for future is equally important.
      I guess, all these quotes wants to explain- to enjoy the present moment!

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      1. Yes, true, let’s learn how to enjoy the present moment. In Russian TV chic girls are showing how to sew sequins and flowers on anti-virus-masks so they will look stylish. These girls surely enjoy the present. The older generation is less joyful, though ….

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