2 thoughts on “World Antibiotics Week: 5 ways to beat antibiotic resistance

  1. Nice post.As a doctor i would like add that
    1. we should also use our traditional methods for curing common illness.
    E.g. for common cold- Haldi and milk.
    Use of tulsi leaves-best antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidants.
    2.Following basic principles of Ayurveda and vat,Pitt and kaph theory.
    3.whenever antibiotics are advised they are taken in appropriate dose, duration and full course should be taken.
    4.Self-medication and over the counter use of antibiotics should be strictly prohibited.
    5.last but not least.Prevention is the only cure (And not prevention is better than cure) for that regular exercise, walking,certain deep breathing exercises and body massage would be great help to boost the cell- immunity.

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