Songs of a weaver-9

संगति किजै संत की , जिनका पूरा मान
अंतोले ही देत है, राम सरीखा घान।
संतों की संगति करे जिनका मन ज्ञान से परिपूर्ण हो।
बिना मोल भाव और तौल के ही वे राम जैसा धन प्रदान करते हंै।
Sangati kijay sant ki,jinka pura man
Antole hi det hai,Ram sarikha dhan.
Keep the company of saints who have the complete mind
Only a saint gives without weighing the wealth like Ram
/ lord.🔔🔔

6 thoughts on “Songs of a weaver-9

      1. Same here.. I also studied it in my 9th class hindi syllabus, U. P. Board.. But remember many of them even today..
        These dohas and choupais hold immense value even today although composed hundreds of years ago..
        Regards, Manish

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      2. Number of famous verses were part of our syllabus too.
        We were supposed to learn them by heart. I feel they are engraved in our memory.
        I hope they are still part of the syllabus.


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