Stay happy, healthy and safe- 117 #LockDownDay – 117

Teach this triple truth to all:

A generous heart,

kind speech,

and a life of service and

compassion are the things

which renew humanity.




15 thoughts on “Stay happy, healthy and safe- 117 #LockDownDay – 117

    1. Thank you Cornelia! Wish you all the same. It’s a tough time for all of us. These days I keep myself busy in creative writing. It gives me strength. Recently my two books have been published. After lockdown they will be available on Amazon.


      1. Thank you dear,Both are Hindi books. One is hindi poem collection ( Zindagi ke ragn- meri kuch kavitayem) and another is collection of short stories, its name is – Zindagi ke rang – meri kuch kahaniya.
        you too stay happy, healthy and safe.


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