Happy World Nature Conservation Day !

शुभ विश्व प्रकृति संरक्षण दिवस – 28 जुलाई

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Nature Conservation Day 2020: In a bid to promote conservation, raise awareness and encourage sustainability, every year World Nature Conservation Day is observed on July 28.

World Nature Conservation Day: Five steps can we take

  • Let us encourage community participation in protecting, conserving and sustainable management of things we use every day.

  • Discourage wastage of food, water and items of regular use.

  • Switch off lights, fans and air conditioners when we leave the room.

  • Close the tap properly after brushing or washing hands. Every drop counts and many neighbourhoods today realise that at the peak of summer when we face water scarcity.

  • Rain water harvesting during the monsoon season and composting the daily vegetable peels can go a long way in developing a self-sufficient and sustainable life. Those of us who have a green patch can try growing herbs and vegetables of daily use.



Image courtesy – Chandni Sahay

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victory is to conquer yourself;

to be conquered by yourself

is of all things most shameful and vile.