6 thoughts on “God’s mirror

  1. Rekha, hope you are keeping well. Another great Rumi quote. It has several levels of meaning. I was going to offer an interpretation of it, but then reconsidered because I think my interpretation would be too shallow or simply incorrect.

    However, upon reading the quote the thought did enter my mind that it was not the mirror which broke into pieces when God dropped it, but rather we who broke into pieces when we left God.

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    1. i am ok, thank you friend.
      Rumi’s verses are always very deep and thoughtful.
      i absolutely agree with your thoughts.

      Few days back- 0n 13 oct, i have posted a couplet in Hindi. which exactly says the same thing, you explained –
      चटकी लकीरें देख समझ नहीं आया आईना टूटा है या
      उसमें दिखने वाला अक्स-ए-किरदार?
      is mirror broken or character appearing in it?

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      1. Yes, May be. It’s nice to know.
        Sanskrit and Hindi are extremely scientific language.
        It’s believed that Sanskrit is a Dev Bhabha- A divine language and is mother/ origin of Hindi and many other languages.


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