हम और हमारी धरा !!

कभी लगता है…..

जैसे हम बमों के ढेर पर बैठे हैं

और कभी लगता है कचरों के ढेर पर.

अंतरिक्ष का भी हाल बुरा बना बैठे हैं.

दुनिया के जंगलों में आग लगा बैठे हैं.

सागरों को कचरादान बना बैठे हैं.

धरा से दिल भरा तो चाँद और मंगल

जाने के अरमान बना बैठे हैं.

हमारे पूर्वजों ने एक अच्छी ख़ासी,

हरी-भरी, साफ़ सुथरी धरती

और ब्रह्मांड छोड़ी थी.

पर न जाने दो तीन पुश्तों से,

हम इसके साथ क्या-क्या

खिलवाड़ कर रहे है….

और जब आज बच्चे पूछते हैं

आगे तुम क्या छोड़ोगे हमारे लिए?

हमारे पास कोई जवाब होता है क्या?

Greta Thunberg, After Pointed U.N. Speech, Faces Attacks From the Right

Speaking at the United Nations climate summit, the teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg delivered a speech criticizing world leaders for their inaction on protecting the environment.

The young climate activist was widely celebrated after her speech at the United Nations. But critics have said she is being used, and a conservative commentator compared her likeness to Nazi imagery.

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Lungs of the planets is burning – Amazon rain Forest

BBC News | Amazon rainforest belongs to Brazil, says Jair Bolsonaro


Brazil – home to more than half the Amazon rainforest – has seen a significant rise in the number of fires in 2019, according to US space agency Nasa and others.

Environmentalists say the far-right Mr Bolsonaro’s policies have led to an increase in fires this year, and that he has encouraged cattle farmers and loggers to clear large areas of the rainforest since his election last October.

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Human Psychology- People Across the Globe Feeling More Sad, Stressed and in Pain Than Ever

The world isn’t feeling so hot — emotionally, that is.

A new survey of people’s daily emotions found that, worldwide, reports of negative emotions — including sadness, worry and stress — have increased over the last decade, reaching a record high in 2017.

For the survey, researchers interviewed more than 154,000 people in 147 countries throughout 2017.

Participants were asked whether they had certain positive or negative emotions or experiences the day before. For example, for positive experiences, they were asked whether they felt well rested, were treated with respect, smiled or laughed a lot or enjoyed themselves the day before. For negative experiences, they were asked whether they felt worry, sadness, stress, anger or physical pain on the previous day.

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