Empathizer – Positive Psychology

Being an empathizer means you are able to easily identify and understand others’ thoughts and emotions. You have a natural ability to detect others’ intentions and emotions, even when they are being hidden from you.

Extreme Empathizer – They are an extremely moral and caring person. Their “golden rule”, is treating others the way they would want to be treated.

Balanced Empathizer – they truly care about what others have to say. They are able to pick up on social cues fairly easily and are straightforward.

Understand your personality.


4 thoughts on “Empathizer – Positive Psychology

  1. The thoughts and feelings
    and intentions
    the innermost
    in another person
    remains for us outsiders
    just guessing
    in reality

    The moral
    has two sides
    the truth is
    their several

    What we really
    to duty
    and your own attitude
    to have to do
    that all people
    whether bad or good
    of indivisible dignity

    What others have to tell us
    we must verify what has been said
    with all your senses
    the sensation
    the feeling
    on the hunch
    along with reason
    the thinking

    social cues
    depending on worldview
    what the truth for some
    is the wrong hint for the others
    for the subjective moment
    of a human being

    We need the insights
    about ourselves
    check constantly
    the wrong from the right
    separate at their own risk

    The soul itself
    is not the logos
    the worldview of positivism
    the human
    lapsed with his morals


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