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  1. Dear Rekha,

    Sants say, as well as Rumi, that our soul is combined with: body, mind, intellect, and the 5 elements: water, earth, fire, air, and ether. They also advise us to rise above body-consciousness at the 10th door (the only opening that goes inside: single eye, third eye, shiv netra, divya chakshu, tisra til, Brahmrendra, triambka, trilochana nukta-i-sweda, koh-i-toor, figuratively called the still point, the mount of transfiguration, etc.) – then we can see that we are not the body, not the mind – however, it is true what Buddha said: What you think, you become – but in the stillness where there are no thoughts there is something that is not subject of “becoming” something – it something without an end, without a beginning, it is beyond thoughts and words, it is: pure consciousness which is not depending on causal matters – there we find eternal Light and Sound, – this is the Real Life (while we are more sleeping and more dead in the process of coming and going, within the wheel of change), all this is: LOVE – within the Eye of Divinity…

    Thank you very much, my friend πŸ™‚
    All good wishes

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      1. Welcome, dear Rekha πŸ™‚
        In fact this kind of meditation via the “Third Eye” (which has so many different names, even in different religions, which also was practised by Rumi, by Shamz e Tabrez, by Kabir, Sant Kirpal Singh, Christ etc.) – it consists of two aspects: Light and Sound – and it takes the middle-way “Shukmana” (from the 3 nadis) – it is called Surat (attention) Shabd (The Divine) Yoga – which old and young can practise it is the oldest and most natural Yoga and Medition and does not stop just in the astral or causal plane – but it requires a Teacher or competent Master who is able to lead the soul into the mystery of the beyond.

        Have a great weekend, my friend πŸ™‚

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      2. Dear Rekha,

        Here is an excerpt of the book “Crown of life” written by Sant Kirpal Singh Ji (if you want to read it, I can send a link leading to the book in pdf-format).

        Beginning of quote:
        “Wherever several nerves, arteries or veins interlace each other, that point or center is called a plexus. Similarly, there are plexuses or centers of vital forces in the Sukshamor subtle nadisand these are called chakrasor padmas. The nadisare the astral tubes made up of astral matter, and serve as passages for subtle pranas through which they operate in the subtle body as do the nerves, arteries and veins in the gross physical body. All these subtle tubes or nadis spring from Kanda or the center where the Sushmana Nadi meets the Muladhana Chakraat the base of the spine. Of these nadis, Ida, Pingalaand Sushmanaare the most important. All three nadis are within the spinal cord. Ida and Pingala are on the left and right side respectively of the Sushmana or Sukhman. The Ida (Chandracanal) flows through the right. Breath generally flows through each for about two hours alternately. But when it flows through Sushmana (Agnicanal), the mind becomes steady.

        As explained already, the Ida and Pingala nadis starting from svadhistan chakra, the center of life-breath, run spirally round the central nadi, Sukhmana, and end in the left and right nostril resepectively. Ida is influenced by the moon, while Pingala is influenced by the sun. Ida has in abundance the moisture of the moon and represents the female principle, while Pingala has the energy of the sun and represents the male principle in nature. Both of these nadis, the negative and the positive, work under the action of prakriti and purush, i.e., matter and soul combined. ”
        End of quote

        Hope it helps you a bit to understand the functioning of the nadis.

        So Sushmana is the middle way which helps to deepen into the meditation (Surat Shabd Yoga), while the other two would bring us away from this inner goal.

        All the best my friend

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      3. It’s so kind of you Didi . I would love to read the book. Pl share the link. Is it difficult to understand?
        I have read about Ida, pingala and sushumna naadi . You explained it nicely.
        Thank you Didi.
        Love n light friend.

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      4. Dear Rekha,

        Here is the link:

        Click to access KirpalSingh_CrownOfLife.pdf

        Credit goes to my Master, He has written this book and I only have passed forward the excerpt of His book to you.

        Sant Kirpal Singh describes it in a very clear way with many examples.

        If you like I can send you more links of spiritual books He has written. But first enjoy this book of Him πŸ™‚

        The Crown of Life gives you a very good survey of many different types of Yogas and how far they can reach.

        Wishing you a good reading time, dear friend πŸ™‚

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      5. i started reading THE BOOK. I am surprised. it says what i think n what i was looking for -The spiritual path is essentially a practical path. It is only the spirit – disencumbered and depersonalized – that can undertake the spiritual journey.

        Thank you so much for sharing the link. please let me know – is the hindi version of this book available? if yes , how can i buy it?

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      6. Dear Rekha

        you can try this link:



        You can read it also online, then it is free – I do not know when you try to download if it is free or if you have to pay for it.

        Wishing you a deep reflecting of these spiritual pearls written by a real competent Master (there are thousands of so-called masters – they even claim themselves to be the Master while the competent Master also are in deep thankfuleness to their Masters and give the credit to them – furthermore they can really give a first-hand experience (not astral or causal – but one gets the to know the inner Light and Sound by them.

        When you love Rumi, you will also love Sant Kirpal Singh – as all competent Master are writing in one opinion.

        All the best my friend πŸ™‚

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      7. Thanks again Didi, I have read many such books but this one is the first of it’s kind. As it talks about all religion and all religious gurus or saints.
        Lots of love and light.

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      8. Welcome, my friend πŸ™‚
        Whenever you want to read more books like that, just ask me and I shall provide a link for you. But also take your time to digest what you have read, dear Rehka.

        Lots of love and light to you

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      9. Thanks a lot Diddy for providing the book. Today, I have finished the first part and tomorrow I will start the second part. I Enjoyed the book a lot. Special thanks for providing the Hindi edition of the book.

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      10. Dear Rekha,

        When I was trying to find a name for my art (poems, digital and videos) , I did not really find at once a name. The I thouight: ok I can give my nick-name in combination with art to express that I like art and practise it in three-folded ways. Then I also thought that it might not be necessary to put artist at the end, but Didi alone may not express that I am an artist, that it is not enough. My father used to be an artist too and my sister is a famous artist in France (she is married to a french guy). As digital is not yet very well known among artists I wanted to emphasize it with using the name DidiArtist. Later I thought it is not good enough as it also may indicate some selfish motives – then I thought that it is too late for changing now as this artist name is already for about 10 years going around the world. So I let it as it is. Thanks for your question, my dear friend. Hugs and love – Didi

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      11. Great. It it’s good to know about your pet name. It’s an honour, that I am connected with a family where number of famous artist are there.
        Lots of love and best wishes to you and your family Didi.

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      12. My dear Rekha,

        Life is our school and teacher and often we have to overcome problems to get stronger which gives us a push – in the moment we suffer it is different, but when we look back, once we have overcome the problems we can feel that it made us wiser, taught us even some lessons – so I understand it, dear friend – hope you needn’t to suffer too much in your life. Yes, those books written by very wise men, they can make us understand things that we normally would not understand. All good wishes my dear friend – Hugs and love – Didi

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      13. Dear Buddy,
        I too believe , life is the best teacher and sufferings makes us stronger and wiser.
        As Rumi says- The wound is the place where the light enters you.
        Similarly, the spiritual books brightens up the inner light of the self and gives strength.
        You are a positive person.
        Love and light!!!

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