जीवन के रंग – 42

हम सभी के पास

अपनी -अपनी कहानियाँ हैं…..

हम सब किसी ना किसी दौर से गुजरें हैं।

प्यार, नफरत, पसंद, नापसंद,

पछतावा दर्द , दुःख,  खुशी……

जो शायद दूसरे ना समझें।

यह सब तो जीवन के रंग हैं।

जो हमें तोङने के लिये नहीं

जोङने के लिये होते हैं।

5 Reasons To Celebrate Having A Physical Disability 

The International Day of People with Disability – 3 December

विश्व विकलांग दिवस- 3 दिसंबर

Laura's Self Development

Disabilities can impact a persons life in so many ways. They can make us feel lost and alone in sea of what feels like ‘normal people’. Everyday we are forced to acknowledge what it is that makes us different as simple tasks most people wouldn’t think twice about pose a hefty challenge. It then becomes extremely difficult not to compare yourselves as you delve into the lives of those around you and picture how yours could have panned out.

Disabilities don’t just impact our physical goals but also have significant effects on our mental health and relationships. But is that effect always negative?

We see blogs and posts circulating the internet focusing on how difficult and challenging life with a physical impairment can be which is great for crafting awareness, however there seems to be very little to uplift and inspire those who are feeling defeated by there conditions.


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