Positive Psychology – secret of success!

Psychology Fact – If You Want to Succeed,
Don’t tell everyone your goals, because it chemically ( release of happy harmon dopamine) satisfies the brain and that’s similar to completing it.

Peter Gollwitzer, Professor of Psychology and his collaborators have conducted numerous studies of goal-directed behavior. The Research outcomes suggested, that telling people about your big goal won’t increase the chance of succeeding at all. On the contrary, the more people you tell, the less likely that you’ll succeed. Actually it’s like cheating yourself. The secretion of chemical/ happy harmon reduces the drive to achieve that goal.

13 thoughts on “Positive Psychology – secret of success!

    1. Yes, you may disagree Joanna. But to some extent it’s correct.
      Secondly it depends, if one is discussing it with the people, who are connected/ team working with it. In that case Certainly it’ll be helpful.
      Thanks for your valuable thought.

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