Spirituality n Psychology 

Spirituality says –  let it go. 

It is possible for great souls but difficult for a common man.

Psychology says – let it be 

Means accept yourself and everything as they are.

Club the both – 

First  accept every thing as they are

and then let it go.

and it will go gradually

37 thoughts on “Spirituality n Psychology 

  1. Its simple you do not need to let it go or let it be. Just identify yourself, the moment you find even you are present in this world but totally untouched from each and everything, there is no significance of letting it go or let it be. Problem is only we identify ourselves in this world as separate. It is universe not multiverse… It simply means there is no duality.

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      1. Hehe .. 🙂 U are already untouched, you cannot touch this world even being present in this world.. This is illusion that you are touched with the world by physical or Mentel..

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      2. Same Maya Jaal or illusion.. Maya Jaal also mean trap which is not real it seems like real but its not.. its like wave in sea..u see it is there but in actual wave is nothing but water.. there is no existence of wave.. Similarly you can feel ur independent identity but it is big trap.. one day it going to convert into its basic formation.. Thousands of waves comes and go.. 😃

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      3. Yeah.. it need practice but not to reach the spiritual level but practice to make all illusions, traps and misunderstandings away which has been feeded in subconscious mind by the society. Generally what we Know about ourselves is not our real experience its only what is being feeded by society in our mind..

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