Resolution Bank -1

Here is a list of Resolutions for new year.

Select them as per your choice or add the ones you find important to your list of resolutions. It will help us in getting a happy and positive life and balance our flow of happy hormones.


* Be honest with yourself.
* Try to Assess yourself honestly.
* Review you own actions before judging others.
* Try to put yourself in other’s shoes.
* Be patient .

* Accept yourself as you are.
* Be yourself – you are Beautiful.
* love yourself before loving others.
* Realise your strength & Focus on them.
* Discover and use your strengths.
* Develop positive power/ability in yourself – critical thinking, humanity, justice etc.
* Accept and work on your weaknesses.
* Express yourself.
* learn to say NO when needed.
* Share Smile.


Have a wonderful last day of the year and  Happy New year !!!!!!


Healthy friendships boosts memory

Study : Healthy friendships may boost memory .           शोध -स्वस्थ दोस्ती याददश्त को बढ़ा सकती है


Having healthy friendships may not only reduce loneliness, but can boost your memory and improve your psychological well-being as well as make healthier life choice.

Maintaining positive, warm and trusting friendships may not only reduce loneliness, but also sharpen your memory and boost brain function, a study has found.


अच्छे दोस्त

स्वस्थ दोस्ती  अकेलेपन को कम करती है अौर  आपकी याददाश्त को बढ़ा सकती है । यह  आपके मनोवैज्ञानिक स्वास्थ्य को बेहतर बना सकती है और स्वस्थ जीवन दे  सकती है।

सकारात्मक, अपनापन भरी और भरोसेमंद मैत्री  न केवल अकेलापन को कम कर सकता है, बल्कि आपकी याददाश्त को भी तेज कर सकती है । यह  मस्तिष्क की क्षमता  को बढ़ा सकती है। यह एक अध्ययन में पाया गया है।