क्या आप जानते हैं? चौपदी?

यह नेपाल के कुछ हिस्सों में स्त्रियों के साथ होने वाली अमानवीय परंपरा है. जो ग़ैरकानूनी है.फिर भी माहवारी के दौरान पूरे चार दिन स्त्रियों को छोटी सी झोपड़ी में जानवरों की तरह गुज़ारना पड़ता है जिसकी वजह से उनकी मौत भी हो जाती है.

Do you know about Chhaupadi?

Nepal man arrested over death of woman in ‘menstruation hut

Chhaupadi (Nepali) is a form of menstrual taboo which prohibits Hinduwomen and girls from participating in normal family activities while menstruating, as they are considered “impure”. Chhaupadi is practiced primarily in the western part of Nepal.

During chhaupadi, women are banned from the house and are required to live in a cattle shed, or a makeshift dwelling known as a menstruation hut, for the duration of their period. Childbirth in Nepal also results in a similar form of confinement. During menstruation, women and girls are restricted from participating in everyday life events, and from interacting with their communities

Courtesy Wikipedia