Resolution Bank – 3

Here is a list of Resolutions for new year.

Select them as per your choice or add the ones you find important to your list of resolutions. It will help us in getting a happy and positive life and balance our flow of happy hormones.


* Discover your passion- Experience a joyful state
*Hobbies are good friends.
*Learn to enjoy the “flow” of life – good & bad are its part.
*Listen to soothing music.
* Spiritual practices are good for greater meaning in our lives.
* Follow your passion.
* Accept and let go issues troubling you.
* Happiness Project and happy lifestyle – cultivate them.
* Take Healthy food.
* Good night rituals before going for sound sleep.
* When in sad mood trick your mind by watching funny/ interesting programme or by reading   a book of your choice.
* Go for healthy competition.
* Do not tax yourself with killing competition.
* Do not cheat or betray people.
* Do not over burden yourself.
* Reward yourself by leisure, reading,writing , travel…..
* Enjoy nature.
* Avoid negative company.
* Stay away from unhappy and abusive relationships
* Do not expect others to change – work on your pleasure and meaningful life .



Have a wonderful last day of the year and Happy New year !!!!!!

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