Rights for Women

News – New York Times 

Iran and Saudis’ Latest Power Struggle: Expanding Rights for Women

BEIRUT, Lebanon — They call each other meddlers, warmongers, religious hypocrites, zealots and sponsors of terrorism. Now Iran and Saudi Arabia, the archrivals of the Middle East, are competing in a surprising new category: gender equality.

They appear to be vying over who can be quicker to overhaul their repressive rules for women.

ईरान और सउदी  पावर स्ट्रगल: महिलाओं के लिये समान अधिकार

बेरूत, लेबनान –  अब ईरान और सऊदी अरब,  एक आश्चर्यजनक नई श्रेणी में प्रतिस्पर्धा कर रहे हैं: महिला- पुरुषों में समानता


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