The Wandering Armadillo

disturb me not when I write

for I seek answers in the night time sky

between wisped clouds

that pass,

by and by

as moonlit parchment draws my quill

poised in shadow

trembling still

a cursive trail of sanguineous ink

tell me true

what dost though think

of these tortured, bloodied late hour pages ?

recounting anguish

on sordid stages

Image courtesy of M.Korlaet, my beloved sister. State of the art Cinematic rendering technique from a low energy CT Scan. Breathtaking.

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Worry not!


The beginning of anxiety is the end of faith, and the beginning of true faith is the end of anxiety. — George Mueller

Nowadays we are all bombarded by different noises in this world may it be physical which includes war, cars, mouths armalite (gossips, slanders) 😅etc. It could be emotional and mental. But the worst of all this noise is the mental which weigh heavy in our hearts. As we began to want things and pursue things we dont have we neglect the beauty and essence of what we really have now. When contentment is out of the picture then discontenment filled with wistful desires happen. We started to worry of what we dont have but when we have it we asked for more. Weird people are we!.. When the weather is hot we complaint and wanted cold.. When it is getting real cold we are worrying of the…

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पूजा स्थल

ईश्वर-नियन्ता पत्थरों की मुर्तियोँ में नहीं बसते।

हमारे विचारों मे बसते हैं।

अौर मन-आत्मा-दिल

वह मंदिर- मस्जिद -चर्च

वह पूजा स्थल हैं….

जहाँ ये विचार उपजते हैं।

A Bedtime Routine to Make Your Mornings Easier

It’s no secret that morning routines are a huge part of having a productive day. A powerful morning ritual will help you become motivated and set yourself up for a great day with a positive and calm mindset. You can read what my morning routine looks like here. While morning routines are important, there are things you can do the night before that will help you ease into the next day with passion and enthusiasm. Here are three ways I conquer my evenings that sets me up for a high-energy and productive day.

1.Wind Down


At least 2 hours before bed I start winding down. This means minimal use of all electronics, including my phone. I stay off social media, email and T.V. during this time. I keep my bedroom screen-free so I’m not tempted to turn on Netflix and binge watch. Instead, I take this time to reflect…

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