Highest state of spiritual union.

Only when a person

responds to the

joys  and sorrows

of others,

as if they were his own,

he has attained the

highest state of spiritual union.


~~ Bhagavad Gita


does not cost you any thing…

35 thoughts on “Highest state of spiritual union.

  1. It can happen only when person find there is no one other then him/her. Even its correct meaning is when person find non duality on this planet and understand correctly it is universe not multiverse.. Same moment transformation happens which have wrote in ur post..
    Nice post dea.. 😃😃

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  2. The Bhagavad Ghita must be referring to the human spirit in a religious sense of morality and ethics, not to the highest spiritual experiences of MER (mystical experience of Reality where the human race has as yet not gained significant entrance.

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      1. I always feel uneasy about the Bhagavad Ghita being a human self improvement manual, something to make better humans, rather than a book of pure, non human spirituality, of Ultimate Reality as revealed in MERs (Mystical Experiences of Reality). There is more afoot than being merely human.


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