Cancer treatment

Dr. Gupta says: No one should die of cancer, except by carelessness;

(1) The first step is to stop all sugar consumption, without sugar in the body, the cancer cell would die a natural death.

(2) The second step is to mix a lemon in a cup of hot water and drinking it for 1-3 months will make the cancer go away … according to research from the Maryland College of Medicine, it is 1000 times better than chemotherapy.

(3) The third step is to drink 3 tablespoons of organic coconut oil, morning and night, and the cancer would disappear.

you can choose any of the two therapies after avoiding the sugar. Ignorance is not an excuse; I have been sharing this information for more than 5 years. Let everyone around you know. God bless you.

Dr. Guruprasad Reddy BV, OSH STATE MEDICAL UNIVERSITY MOSCOW, RUSSIA We encourage every person who receives this newsletter to send it to ten other people, without a doubt at least one life will be saved …

Drinking hot water with lemon can prevent cancer Do not add sugar Hot lemon water is more beneficial than cold lemon water Hot lemon water kills cancer cells . Add hot water 2-3 lemon slices Make it a daily drink The bitterness in hot water with lemon is the best substance to kill cancer cells Cold lemon water has only vitamin C, there is no prevention against cancer. Lemon hot water can control cancer tumor growth .Clinical trials have shown that hot water with lemon works. This type of treatment with lemon extract will only destroy malignant cells. gnas, does not affect healthy cells. Then … citric acid and lemon polyphenol in lemon juice, can help reduce high blood pressure, effective prevention of deep vein thrombosis, improve blood circulation and reduce blood clots. No matter how busy you are, please find the time to read this, and then share all of your contacts. @MIUI |

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19 thoughts on “Cancer treatment

  1. Use 20 gm tulsi leaves extract,50 gm fresh curds (homemade). They should be sweet (no sugar to be added, naturally sweet) In taste not sour (try to ferment milk early morning so by midday its set perfectly).

    My aunt is suffering from 3rd stage cancer, but she is totally cured by using this tip. Also, she is taking Vraj-Rasayan Tablet.

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