‘Showed no mercy’: Girl accuses father of stabbing her for choosing studies

यह भी जीवन का एक सच है.

ना जाने इस भ्रम से बाहर कब लोग निकलेंगे ?


12 thoughts on “‘Showed no mercy’: Girl accuses father of stabbing her for choosing studies

      1. That’s fate where we can’t change anything to whom we are born ,, but the thing is we ignore that and never let it come in our way to success,,, 👍

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      2. No, that not fat.
        That’s our mentality according to our societies fix old rules/ social scenario-
        A boy will be allowed for heigher studies but a girl will be preferred to get married.


      3. Thats not same in all families, so I told u that it’s fate you born to one such family, but then you didn’t give up, that’s important

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      4. I would like to tell you even educated families thought process is generally same.
        My family is highly educated , but it’s sad. For example father was an engineer, mom phd .


      5. But there are uneducated families who still take education more important,, so it’s the mindset ,it can’t be changed for some people, but thing is we should not let their mindset rule our life, and I believe life gives chance to everyone sooner or later,, sometimes we have to go against everyone for this, so it depends on us too

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      6. Govt always support, even society never hinders,, it all depends on parents my dear,,, if you will think deeply you will find that it all starts from home and family only,,

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