14 thoughts on “Joyous tranquility.

  1. hello Rehka, I hope you have a great day ✌️✌️😄. I read this and it was very splendid and straight to the point — beautifully said. It is a pleasure to meet you and I can’t thank you enough for reading my blog and following me

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    1. Hi Killa, thanks !!!
      I liked your blog too. whats the meaning of your name and from where are you?
      Sometimes life is tough. to make it light and beautiful I keep posting positive quotes.
      Nice meeting to you buddy. enjoy blogging and keep smiling.

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      1. Hey Rekha Sahay! 😄, it feels so good to be in your presence, you are very welcoming and uplifting.

        What you said is very correct; sometimes life is tough and having a positive mindset can actually lead to greater or favorable outcomes, that’s why the quotes you post are so valuable because sometimes people need to hear these things.

        lol my name “killa” is just a westernized play on the word “killer” as slang for something awesome or remarkable; it’s like to say “I had a killer good time” or “that pizza was killer!” hahaha

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    2. Hahaha that is no problem at all Rekha 🤣; people choose their names for different specific reasons so it is good that you asked what the inspiration was for mines lol.

      Sorry for not responding sooner — I usually only get on WordPress on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday, and on weekends it’s either Sunday or Saturday 😄😄

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      1. lol awww thanks I like your too. And that is just like me too Rekha — form the moment I get an idea or realize something interesting, I write it as soon as possible hahaha

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