The Power of Staying Positive

Life with an illness

With having a chronic illness you are constantly being thrown difficult trials. Having several chronic illnesses myself, its been the hardest thing I have ever been through. Even though I struggle, I always get asked how I stay so positive and how I have a great attitude through all of this. Everyone has their bad days or something they are going through, its how you handle the bad situations that show how strong of a person you truly are. Here are ways that I power through difficult trials with positivity.

  1. Never let yourself go to the dark place.

It is easy to give up and say I am done fighting, but its more satisfying to keep pushing in attempts to get your life back. Yes staying positive is the hard choice, but having a good life is worth it. You know you deserve to live your life, and unfortunately we…

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6 thoughts on “The Power of Staying Positive

  1. Love this blog! I myself suffer with sight loss and extreme anxiety and agraphobia as a result and people always ask me how i stay so positive but like you said everything is so much more challenging so you dont have a choice. You appreciate everything you have so much more and the more people set you back the more determined it makes you! ♡

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