Psychodermatology: Mind and Skin

Recent studies say – Skin problems in maximum cases are bodily symptoms caused by mental or emotional disturbance.

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Psychodermatology is a  new discipline in the field of psycho-somatology (i.e. physical illness due to  bad mental condition ). Psychodermatology is the interaction between mind and skin or the interaction between psyche and skin. In simple words,  Psychodermatology is the treatment of skin disorders using psychological and psychiatric techniques by addressing the interaction between mind and skin. It means by staying happy and relaxed one may  overcome skin problems.

Stay Happy,  stay Healthy  !!!!


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“Your Mind is a Magnet…

If You Think of Blessings,

You attract Blessings.

And if You Think of Problems,

You attract Problems.

Always Cultivate Good Thoughts

And Always Remain Positive & Optimistic.