यादें !!

यादों को याद रखना आदत बन जाती है! यादों को याद करना आँखे नम कर जातीं हैं!

Your name is upon my tongue your image is in my sight your memory is in my heart where can I send these words that I write ?

Rumi ❤️❤️

61 thoughts on “यादें !!

  1. यादे वो जो करे मजबूत
    सम्मान उनका होगा तभी यहा
    आंखे नम करे उदास उन्हें भी
    देखता वो भी कही से होगा यहा।।

    कहते आत्माए अमर सदा
    बदलती काया हैं धरा
    प्रेम कभी ना मरता जग में
    प्रेम स्थाई दिल मे रहे सदा।।

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  2. Hellow Rekha jee
    Ek writing competition ho ri
    Kya aap participate krna chahte ho
    Agar han to please send a hi on my email address
    There is two categories in this writing competition
    One is hindi and one is English
    It will be India’s longest writing festival
    So its a great opportunity if u are interested
    I will join you in our community

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      1. No it’s free mam join krne me koi charge ni hai aap free me join kro maine blogging ko professionally samjne ke liye join kra tha
        Wha aap sare technical chize samj skte ho us se jude sawal puchh sakte ho
        Like how to earn through the blog
        How to grow you tube channel
        Fir muje pta chala ki yha writing competition ho ri
        So maine sabhi Hindi writers ko information deni suru ki
        Kuki muje wha Ambessder bnaya gya hai

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