Speak…don’t just talk!


To desire for a tree by just sowing seeds will not serve the purpose. That is mere communication. The commitment to nurture and add valuables towards its growth is called conversation.
A multiple path towards a single journey.

Being tuned control freaks, we close doors towards ambiguity. We forget that communication is incomplete without conversation. We engulf in our world by just talking. We just cannot talk and build relationships. We need to speak. Stories can be formed with monologues, but relationships are incomplete without dialogues.

The exchange of thoughts, ideals, values and importantly attitude is best done when there are conversations. We get to read the reciprocals. We get to listen to the music from the right chord.

Speak, as there is world on the other side of the table. Converse, as we do with ourselves. Give chances as there is always a tomorrow. Build relationships, play along the…

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A.M. and P.M.

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The 12-hour clock is a time convention in which the 24 hours of the day are divided into two periods: a.m. (from the Latin, ante meridiem, meaning before midday) andp.m. (post meridiem, meaning past midday).

main-qimg-41ed643946ce482a4c37278efb043044.gifThe terms A.M. and P.M. have a Sanskrit connotation and not English as is easily assumed…

In English parlance,  the term A.M. means ‘ante-meridian’ and  P.M. means ‘post-meridian’…  But the question remains who is ante-meridian and post-meridian?  That is to say the subject himself is missing. .. The ‘Sun’ who is vital to the calculation remains un-mentioned. This is unthinkable and unjustifiable.

That lacuna arises because it is not realized that the letters A.M. and P.M. are the initials of the honourable Sanskrit expressions (आरोहणम् मार्तडस्य्) “Arohanam Martandasaya” (i.e. the climbing of the sun) and (पतनम् मार्तडस्य्) “Patanam Martandasaya”  (i.e. the falling of the sun).

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Lose yourself

When you lose

all sense of self

the bonds of a thousands

chains will vanish.

Lose yourself completely,

return to the root of the root of your own soul.”

❤ ❤  Rumi

जीवन की होड़

जीवन की होड़ में एक बात समझ आई –

हर ओर ….सब लोगों  में योग्यतायें है .

इस दौड़ में शामिल होने

से अच्छा है प्रतिस्पर्धा

अपने आप से रखो ताकि .

सामना बराबर वाले से हो .

Amazing Facts of India….

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Amazing Shocking Facts Of India That Most Indians Don’t Know;  India is the most amazing country of the World. There are lot of mind blowing facts about India which are not yet popular and known to all people. India is a country that can boast of places with weird things, facts & culture. Here’s a collection of some craziest, incredible facts from around India.

Some of Top Interesting Things You Need To Know About India:

If you have read Bhagvad Gita, Ramayan, Mahabharata then you will realize that there is not even a single text which mentions the word “Hindu”.  It was a name which was given by foreigners because our land was on other side of river “Indus” and hence came the name “Hindu”.But eventually, some people made it a religion.  The word Hindu is derived from the Indo-Aryan and Sanskrit, Sanskrit word Sindhu, which means “a large…

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