Can you marry you

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This is one interesting question right….? Yeah. If you are ready to get married today can you marry someone who is just exactly like you in character and way of life? You’ve got to be honest with yourself. Look deep inside of you and think about it, can you marry the person you are. You know yourself and I know myself.

Many of us will answer No to that question because we know those things we do which are not healthy or good for living. We expect a lot from our partner, many of those things we ourselves can not give.

You say things you can’t do, you gave promises you can’t fulfil, you gave words you can’t keep, sometimes you even lie to cover up your lapses and above all, you put blame of your inability or inadequacy on others…. Can you marry the person you have turn into…

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50 thoughts on “Can you marry you

  1. I think the answer is a conditional “yes.” In my opinion, it can only work if both people have achieved their true self, identity, and spirituality. Only at that point do we truly understand what we really need from life. Of course, that’s just my opinion.

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  2. Hi , thanks for redesigning my blog.
    Life may be fun for you but it’s very tough for me.
    Tum kyo baat karna chaah rahe ho, mujhe samajh nahi aa raha hai.
    Please pareshaan mat karo.


    1. Me and my cousin are making music.
      I mean my cousin is a musician.
      He has composed a tune.
      We are planning to have the song recorded.


  3. my blog is ok. after loosing my husband i stopped writing. but after couple of months i restarted.
    i am trying hard to regain.
    my younger daughter is working as a bank officer.
    i am not here to make love stories, i just prefer writing. as its also a part of my therapy.

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