जिंदगी के रंग- कविता 15

 जिंदगी ने बहुत से दर्द भरे सबक दिये, 

 उन्हें  पन्नों पर उतारते-उतारते ,

फिर से……………

इश्क हो गया  जिंदगी,  कलम  अौर कागज  से

आप   इन्हें जो चाहे कहें,

जिंदगी के रंग,  जिंदगी के फलसफे, तजुर्बे या कविता……….


My Top Tips for Being Positive+


If you read my last post (My First Blog) you’ll know that being positive can be really hard sometimes. Its so easy to get carried away with dwelling on the negative things that happen in our lives, especially when we have our really down days. For instance, It might be hard to sit and think about how that nice man held the door open for you this morning, when you got made redundant that afternoon; It might be equally as difficult to look at being made redundant, and focus on the exciting new beginnings and opportunities that may enter our lives now, rather than the newly present worry of money. It might also be the situation that your life is absolutely fine, everything is going amazingly, but for some reason, you just can’t seem to see the positives in life, you constantly feel down and you look for the negatives as a…

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