Seven health benefits of positive thinking


steve jobs

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life”.
Steve jobs
The dictionary meaning of positive thinking means feeling hopeful, confident, helpful and providing encouragement. Researcher, scientist, doctors, management consultant and psychologist have explored the various healths, medical, psychological advantages of positive and optimistic thinking in the life history of many successful persons. It is unclear why people with encouraging thinking experience such benefits. The various health, medical and mental advantages of optimistic thinking are
1. They inspire themselves as well as other people around them. Studies reveal that they have increased life span, lower rates of psychological and mental disorders like depression, anxiety, phobia etc.

2. Positive thinking inculcates the sense of very high self esteem, self-confidence and self respect. They have better coping skill and will-power in stressful situation and adverse circumstances of life (e.g. failure,dealth of near and dear ones,etc)
3. They…

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