10 Inspirational and motivational tips for Happiness (image credit-transforminglifenow.wordpress.com)

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A man asked the saint “I want Happiness”, saint replied First remove I, that is “Ego”, then remove want, that is “desires”, now you are left with only Happiness.

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Welcome to my blog, as my blog theme is “Science, spiritual, yoga, meditation and inspirational thinking”. Today I will going to talk about one of the most important aspect of human life i.e. Happiness and Stress. As we know that life is full of Ups and Downs. Our life can be compared with ECG (Electrocardiogram) which has crest and trough. Crest can be compared with happiness in life and trough can be equated with the stressful situations in life. As you carefully study the ECG, both crest and trough are essential for survival and existence and a plain line is merely indicates a lifeless condition or death. So today I will going to share you about some of…

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The songs of a weaver 4: Kabir

Think twice before you keep,

the bad or good company.

the bitter neem that keeps,

the company of a sandalwood tree,

begins to smell like Sandalwood.

The piece of Iron,

that keeps the company of

the philosophers stone,

turns into gold.

Water that drain into the Ganga,

become the Ganga.

And those who keep

the Company of Almighty

says Kabir end up a bit like

Almighty / Rama.

Translated by : Vinay Dharwadker