A Fire Burns Without Touching Trees Or Grass

कुदरत  से देख बेरुख़ी  इंसानों  की ,
बदले मिजाज धधकते लौ की।
आदत अौर फितरत बदल ली है
 दरिया -ए-आग ने शराफत से ।

Spain – According to local news outlet Cope, it was captured at a park in Calahorra, and the white ‘film’ is actually seeds from the poplar tree covering the whole ground.  In the video, the fire burns away the poplar fluff to reveal green grass underneath. Remarkably enough, it doesn’t set any of the trees or the grass aflame. Even a bench in the park remains untouched by the fire.

Brick by Lego brick, teen builds his own prosthetic arm

SANT CUGAT, Spain (Reuters) – David Aguilar has built himself a robotic prosthetic arm using Lego pieces after being born without a right forearm due to a rare genetic condition.

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