Christchurch: comming together as a nation

No Wine I'm Fine

On Friday afternoon, I was at work. Someone made the comment ‘gosh there are a lot of sirens out there’. Then someone said ‘there has been shootings at a mosque down in Christchurch’. It wasn’t until I got home that night and saw the news that my disbelief turned into tears. Into denial. Into helplessness. Shock. Shame. Hurt.

We were all in denial. We didn’t believe anything like this could happen in New Zealand.

On Friday night and every day since then, our Prime Minister Jacinda Arden does press conferences including answering lots of harrowing questions from journalists. She is visibly disturbed but is authentic, open and a shining example of what we call a wahine toa.

This Maōri term is often difficult to translate into English but my basic understanding is that of a strong woman in leadership with courage, dignity and courage. A wahine toa leads her people…

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