Let’s Start Talking Again

We, as a society, really have no idea how suffocated people are in their emotions. Most people have nobody to express themselves entirely to. Everyone is holding back their vulnerabilities to maintain the social image of a confident and happy person.Heart-to-heart conversations have become rare, artificial and shallow. Most hearts are filled with empty defences.Most people can’t even talk to their life-partners openly for the fear of being judged or rejected. Emotions await just a release. Social images make sure that weakness is not glorified. Children have bottled up stress. Young people suffer from anxiety and depression. It is just lack of social support. It is lack of non-judgmental friendships. It is a result of fast and busy lives. where nobody has time to just sit and watch someone cry. It is a result of instant and impatient lifestyle practices, that emotions have started feeling like a waste of time.

We have Whats App, Facetime and social media – and we also have stress, anxiety and depression.Our forefathers had neither…. Because they talked to each other…… Because talking helps…..The face-to-face type talking, the just-listen-to-me. type talking, the hold-my-hand-and-let-me-cry type talking, the sit-next-to-me-and-listen-to-my-silence type talking… the talking where persons can be themselves and say anything they feel without the fear of any judgement or loss or rejection.Today, we don’t like that type of talking! In fact we avoid people. Naturally, it has led to mental illnesses….which are becoming an epidemic.There is not much we can do but we can offer listening. Let’s let people talk without any fear. Let’s create conversations.

36 thoughts on “Let’s Start Talking Again

  1. This is a much needed discussion in today’s world. The human connection is getting lost just as we are getting more and more connected on the surface. Love your post πŸ™‚

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      1. Very well-said, Paul. Friendships today feel like glorified acquaintances because people don’t look out for the real person underneath. Everyone’s holding up facades πŸ™‚

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  2. That was quite a thought provoking post, Rekha. Thanks.

    This has been going on for decades, though it’s getting worse, I feel. But twenty years ago, I used to frequent a coffee shop here in the city I live in that was the hang out for hundreds of teens, being near a high school. I was new in town, so they became my first friends. I used to get mobbed by them, though I was 20 years older. Why? Because I’m a very non-judgemental person and I love to listen to people, hear their stories.

    Beyond that, we’re do you think we’re headed? Can you tell?

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    1. Thank you Paul. Thanks for enjoying my posts . I believe, Being non judgmental is really good.
      I think in the changing social scenario we all are , specially young generation is trapped and confused between traditional and modern thoughts and life style.
      And there is very little / no guidance available. All these are resulting into stress n anxiety.

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