How positive thinking, mental programming-suggestion and autosuggestion, helps you to achieve your best performance?

Human Performance Psychology

Autosuggestions, statements and internal or external talk with specific positive content, can evoke and maintain optimal combat state. Also, suggestion and autosuggestion can be used to overcome emotional and mental blockages, through positive mental training. The main thing that assures their reception is the degree of individualization and suitability to needs, good formulation and plausibility that allows them to anchor consistent expectations and positive representations with effect on behavior and mental states.

Mental Programming exercises makes the effort by imagining a positive course of events to increase the athlete’s confidence in his ability to perform, self-efficacy and prepare for the confrontational moments of the competition. In mental programming techniques, anchoring in the most productive mental states is achieved the by most desired performance.

The best solution for negative anticipatory thoughts is to stop the negative thought. I always explain my clients the mechanism of having bad thoughts and how to combat them…

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