Without expectations, calculations, negotiations,

Don’t search for heaven and hell in the future.

Both are now present.

Whenever we manage to love

without expectations, calculations, negotiations,

we are indeed in heaven.

Whenever we fight, hate,

we are in hell.”

― Shams Tabrizi

21 thoughts on “Without expectations, calculations, negotiations,

  1. Thanks, dear Rekha 🙂

    Hazrat Shams-e Tabrizi was the Master of Rumi, they also practiced the Surat Shabd Yoga, in its two aspects: Light and Sound – in doing so they were able to rise above the body-consciousness, the same process what happens at the time of death, when leaving the body. This is only possible by the grace of a competent Master and one has a really pure heart. Then the mystery of death is solved…

    Have a nice weekend, dear friend

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