I Am An Impostor

Strictly Unstructured

That feeling that you are a fraud, that one day people will find out you have no idea what you are doing, it has a name…Impostor Syndrome. It can strike when you get that first real job, when you leave the hospital with your first child, or when you graduate from college. You feel like you are not qualified or don’t deserve your accomplishments. It is estimated that at least 70 percent of successful people have experienced Impostor Syndrome.[i] So, don’t worry. If you are afraid someone will find out that you are an impostor, they are probably too busy worrying about their own fraud to care about yours.

The filp-side of Impostor Syndrome is Entitlement. The sense that one deserves more than others. That phenomenon that we see in so many kids these days. While most of us would rather be surrounded by impostors than entitled people, there…

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55 thoughts on “I Am An Impostor

      1. Wishing you all success and peace…. It’s very pleasing talking to you… I wish I will get this opportunity quite often….


      2. To phir I will chat with you quite frequently…As per your convenience..


      3. Oh Yes I do agree …Even in wordpress over all hindi content is almost negligible.


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